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UPC: 6282374620 WEIGHT: 3lbs DIMENSIONS: 11 × 11 × 6.5 in
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Wholesale 7” Pick Comb, Double Prong – Black

SKU: 37B-GTC-74620-R
  • DETAILS: Wholesale 7” Pick Comb Double Prong. Helps create lift and volume in your hair, and separate the curls without causing frizz, the teeth are wide, won’t hurt your scalp and hair, suitable for curly hair or Afro hairstyle.
  • COLOUR: Black
  • SIZE: Comb: 7″ Prongs: 2.75″ & 2.5″
  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • PACKAGING: Comes carded with a hanging hook,  inside a poly-bagged and a pre-printed UPC code: #6282374620
  • CASE PACK: 24 pieces.
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