Wholesale 8-Piece Math Set in Plastic Case ($0.38 Each)

Only $3.00/8-Piece Set ($0.38 each)

12 '8-Piece Sets' | $36.00/Case

SKU: 36B-CTG-30609-R


Product Description

  • DETAILS: Wholesale 8-piece math set in a plastic case includes a ruler, compass, sharpener, pencil, eraser, set squares, protractor¬†great item for a school supply drives with all essential items.
  • COLOURS: Blue, Red and Green.
  • SIZE: 7.5"
  • PACKAGING: Comes in a cardboard pack with a hang-hook and pre-printed UPC code (6282330609)
  • CASE PACK: 12 sets
Red 4
Blue 4
Green 4
Total 12