Wholesale Animal Blanket and Nuni Set - Grey Zebra (30"x36")

Only $11.00/Piece

24 'Pieces' | $264.00/Case

SKU: 59B-R2640-R


Product Description

  • DETAILS: Wholesale Animal Blanket and Nuni Set in the stylish and adorable Grey Zebra design. This set combines the coziness of a blanket with the companionship of a plush toy, creating the perfect duo for a baby's comfort and playtime. The blanket is made from a plush, high-quality fabric that provides a soft and luxurious feel, ensuring a warm and cozy experience for the baby.
  • FABRIC: 100% Polyester.
  • BLANKET SIZE: 30"x36" (76 cm X 91 cm)
  • PACKAGING: Comes with hanging hook and pre-printed UPC Code #2028102640.
  • CASE PACK: 24 Pieces.