Wholesale Aromatherapy Shower Steamer - Relax & Sleep (6x30g)

Only $15.00/6-Pack ($2.50 each)

6 '6-Packs' | $90.00/Case

SKU: 37B-RL509518-R


Product Description

  • DETAILS: Wholesale aromatherapy shower steamer - Wash the day away with a calming shower experience! Cruelty free, natural and made with 100% pure essential oil. Just place it in the shower, away from the direct water stream. Contains 6 long lasting shower steamers per pack.
  • NET WEIGHT: 30g x 6pc.
  • SCENT: Shea, Cocoa Butters and Argan Oil
  • PACKAGING: Comes in a box with UPC code: #628949095194
  • CASE PACK: 6/ 6 pk.

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