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Winter Safety Auto Kit

SKU: 103B-JC-SW0755-R
  • DETAILS: Winter safety auto kit includes essential tools for winter emergencies. Items packed into a PVC suede bag with reflective strip on front. Kit contains 1 fabric blanket, 1 collapsible shovel, 1 flashlight, 2 heavy duty D cell batteries, 1 signal cone for flashlight, 1 automotive safety manual, 2 hand warmers, 2 tea light candles, safety matches, 1 pair of cotton knit gloves, 1 foam knee pad, 1 survival instruction card, and 1 ice scraper.
  • SIZE: 9.5″ W x 13″ L x 10″ H
  • COLOURS: Brown/Black.
  • PRINTING DETAILS: Includes one colour one location print.
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