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Triangle Fundraising

The Bargains Group has been supplying not-for-profits across Canada for 25 years, helping them do more with their limited budgets. We know what supplies organizations need most; and that in many cases these items aren’t received as donations. So we have developed a program to help organizations get those essential supplies.

What is Triangle Fundraising?

Triangle Fundraising

Triangle Fundraising connects your donors directly to the supplies your organization needs. We make it fast, easy, and fun - at a bargain!

There’s no better way to donate more for less!

Triangle Fundraising

Triangle Fundraising is all about connecting donors with the right product donations for not-for-profit organizations that need the most help. Through our Triangle Fundraising program, not-for-profit agencies can create a wish-list containing supplies and gifts they desperately need, which are listed on our website with a custom link for their organization. The not-for-profit can then feature the link on their website, or distribute it to companies and individuals are looking for items to purchase for donation. Donors are able to follow the link and we are able to help them pick-out items specific to a not-for-profit, based on their wish-list! We’ll even ship the donations directly to the charity of your choice.

Why use Triangle Fundraising?

  • Triangle Fundraising makes donating easy!
  • We can help turn a $100 donation into $400 worth of product
  • Donors see exactly where their money goes
  • Donors can provide exactly what organizations need most
  • Our Full Circle Donation Program adds a free case of donations!

Triangle Fundraising makes it so easy! And because our wholesale product is such a bargain, donors can purchase an entire case of an item for up to 80% off what it could cost in a retail store.That means we can help people donate products that your organization desperately needs, and allow them to give far more than they could if they had paid full retail; and don’t forget, we’ll add in a full case of product donations on top of that, through our Full Circle Donation Program!

How Can We Help?

  • We create a custom link on our website to your “wish-list”
  • Provide content for your newsletter by featuring your wishlist.
  • Help your donors to select items that your organization desperately needs.
  • Hold your items in our warehouse until you need them, or have space for them.
  • We include additional product donations through our Full Circle Donation program.
  • We help you pick out items that your charity of choice needs most
  • Allow your donors to give more products for less money
  • Donors give more than a cheque — they see exactly what they’re donating
  • Help donors give more than they expected, with additional product donations through our Full Circle Donation Program