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Disaster Relief Supplies

Disaster Relief Supplies: Emergency & Survival Kits

We’ve helped thousands of Not-For-Profits across Canada stretch their limited budgets up to four times further. Let us help you.

Bargains Group: Canada’s #1 Resource for Disaster and Emergency Supplies
How we can help disaster relief programs and emergency agencies at up to 80% off.
If you’re the person responsible for supplying your emergency or natural disaster response program with supplies, then the Bargains Group is your one-stop shop. We can help you with everything from basic socks and underwear, clothing, personal hygiene products, towels and linens, batteries, and even custom logo’d apparel for your first responders.

List of Emergency and Disaster Relief Supplies We Help With

Below are just some of the products we offer for sale at bargain prices, items sought by every disaster and emergency relief program.

Jody’s guide to purchasing Not-For-Profit disaster relief supplies at below wholesale prices.

Where to Buy Wholesale Emergency Relief and Preparedness Kits

Often we get asked where to buy completed kits, but the real answer to that question is that each kit should be customized to suit your needs. You need to stretch every dollar as far as you can so we help build the emergency and disaster relief kits that have the right items for your program. Our goal is to have you equipped with the right wholesale survival supplies to make a difference. Make sure to ask about our Full Circle Donation Program as well where every order could qualify for a free case of product.

Expert Tips on Building Disaster Relief Kits from Bargain Jody

Expert advice on how to help your disaster relief program or emergency agency get supplies for less!

Need help with personal hygiene products and other relief supplies to distribute to those in need when disaster strikes? You should always start with contacting Jody and her team of Not-For-Profit experts! Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in helping emergency relief programs across Canada, we can help guide you in the right direction on how to get the best value for every dollar.

Recommendations on disaster relief items purchase to lift the spirits of your clients
Sometimes when disaster strikes it’s not just about getting the essentials, putting a smile on someone’s face can go a long way. Bargains Group always recommends to have activities and items on hand to make your clients feel special and take their mind off of the situation. Some of our favourites include: decks of cards, colouring and activity books, and a personal sized polar fleece blanket.

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