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Brook Glass Infuser Bottle

SKU: 111B-DE-WB9615-R
  • DETAILS: Made of borosilicate glass and is a double walled bottle.  Single-walled top compartment comes with a screw-on lid; 18/8 Stainless Steel Strainer; Black PU 9” strap with silver keyring and grommet.; BPA free and FDA compliant; Instructions included; Individually boxed.
  • DIRECTIONS TO USE: Open top glass compartment to add loose tea leaves to strainer;  Add hot water to the tumbler, reattach lid and turn upside down to steep; Turn back to upright position and unscrew strainer with lid attached to drink; Tea leaves can be left in the top glass compartment for the second brew; For use with hot and cold beverages.
  • SIZE: 8oz
  • COLOURS: Clear Black with Black Lid.
  • PRINTING OPTIONS: Please call us for details.
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