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TASTEit Aroma Bottle

SKU: 111B-EP-DT001C-R
  • DETAILS: Bottle with natural fruit aroma so good you can almost taste it. About 80% of taste actually results from sense of smell; TASTEit™ uses fruit aromas in the cap to drive taste experience; As you drink, your brain believes plain water is lightly flavoured, Includes slight sweet & unsweetened drink tip options for added flavour profile; BPA free, Tritan body and sport spout with internal sipping straw, Patent Pending flavoured lid by TASTEit; Flavours include Mandarin Orange, Berry, Lemon and Peach.
  • SIZE: 25oz
  • COLOUR: Berry, Lemon, Mandarin, Peach.
  • PRINTING DETAILS: Please call us for details.
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