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Viewpoint Cob Headlight

SKU: 113B-DE-FL9656-R
  • DESCRIPTION: Viewpoint cob headlight features:  ABS, 1 Watt COB lamp, COB LED technology (Chips On Board), 60 lumens, looks like a lighting panel with multi LED lights packaged together, utilizes 3 ‘AAA’ Mercury and Cadmium free batteries (included/not inserted), three light modes: high, low and flash, allows you to work hands free, lightweight and comfortable, beam distance: 10-12 meters (33-39 feet), adjustable elastic head strap for comfort and fit.
  • SIZE: 1.5” W x 0.625” H x 2.375” Long
  • COLOUR: Black
  • PRINTING DETAILS:  Please call for more info.
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