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UPC: 6282383978 WEIGHT: 2.5lbs DIMENSIONS: 14 × 5 × 4.5 in
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Only $2.50/12-Pack ($0.21 each)

12 '12-Packs' per case | $30.00/Case
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Wholesale Shower Curtain Plastic Hooks, 12-Pack ($0.21 Each)

SKU: 31B-CTG83978-R
  • DETAILS: Wholesale shower curtain plastic hooks, the O-shape design make the hooks slide easily on the rod, have good stretch ability, and ensure nothing slips out, no need to yank and damage the curtain. Shower curtain hooks are made of lightweight high-quality plastic material, which are smooth and easy for sliding and pulling. easy to use and clean, you never get worried that the rings will be rusty in the humidity bathroom.
  • COLOUR: Clear
  • PACKAGING: Comes with brand packaging and pre-printed UPC code #6282383978.
  • CASE PACK: 12/12-pk.
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