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Only $5.00/2-Piece Kit ($2.50 each)

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Wholesale Infant/Toddler Gift Kit- $5.00

SKU: 99B-INF-5-C

DETAILS: Wholesale Infant Gift Pack. This Gift Kit suggestion includes a pack of baby wipes and 3-7 diapers depending on the size.

PURPOSE: These kits are great for young families, parenting groups, and programs supporting new mothers. 

KITS FOR A CAUSE: You can pack these Kits as a group for an in-person or virtual volunteering activity! For more information on building a custom Kit to meet your needs and budget call 1-877-868-5655 or email [email protected]

Ask us about wrapping and packaging options starting at $0.15.

” colours and prints may vary”

** Don’t forget – Each Kit you pack, we’ll include ONE FREE DONATION! Learn more here: Full Circle Donation Program.

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