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UPC: 6291039066, 6291039522, 6291039070, 6291042859, 6291041337, 6291041333, 6291039062 WEIGHT: 7.7lbs DIMENSIONS: 14 × 10 × 11 in
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Wholesale Ladies’ Thong – Asst. Colours (Size L)

SKU: 03B-BC1018-THG-LG
  • DETAILS: Wholesale ladies’ thong underwear available in assorted colours, low rise, lightweight and soft, which not tight wearing it all day, run fairly true to size, fit perfectly and hold up greatly with washing, do not shrink, do not fade.
  • SIZE: Large only.
  • FABRIC: 93% Micromodal, 7% Spandex.
  • COLOURS: Assorted colours.
  • PACKAGING: Comes in a plastic bag with seller’s tag and a pre-printed UPC code Pink #6291039522, Baby Pink #6291039070, Purple #6291042859, Light Purple #6291041337, Blue #6291041333, Black #6291039062, Grey #6291039066.
  • CASE PACK: 72 Pairs.


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