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Chill Out Cooling Scarf

SKU: 101B-DE-YM9316C-R
  • DETAILS: Polyester Cotton; gel beads in the centre of the scarf; soak in cold water for 3 minutes to activate then remove excess water; Or, you can place in the fridge for 30 minutes to get cool so it’s ready to use; can be used to help with the effects of a fever, sore muscles and hot flashes; tie around your neck, forehead, wrist or anywhere you need a cooling sensation; lightweight and easy to use; Reusable up to 30 times; perfect promotional product for gyms, outdoor events and concerts.
  • SIZE: 39.25” Long x 1.75” W.
  • COLOURS: Grey, Lime Green, Red, Royal Blue, White.
  • PRINTING DETAILS: Please call us for details.
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