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Deluxe Shelter Kit

SKU: Deluxe Shelter Kit

Shelter kits provide the essential items needed for someone on the streets or in a shelter.  This example of a Deluxe Shelter Kit includes the basics neccessities but it also provides more digity as it includes fresh pajamas and a blanket for added comfort.  This type of kit is popular around the holidays as it makes the recipient feel extra special. Shelter kits can be packed together with a team, school, or group, and then distributed them to your local shelter, school program, or organization of your choice.

These kits are built with essential supplies for the summer heat. This is an example of a kit we did for a high school that wanted to do something special for the mens shelter in their area around the holidays.  We can customize these kits smaller or larger depending on your budget. We offer great ideas and expertise on how to create an incredible group bonding experience while building these kits. Your team or company can have a lunch and learn while assembling these kits before giving them to a local organization. Please call us toll free at 1-877-868-5655 for more information on building your own custom kit to meet your needs and budget.

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