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Bargain Holiday Gift Ideas

Spread Holiday Season Joy – At a Bargain!

It’s the season of great deals – all at a bargain! With over 10,000 items and serving those all across the country, we’re proud to bring you gift ideas, office holiday treats, store best-sellers, and gifts to share in the spirit of charitable gift giving, all at up to 80% off.

We can help your organization with hundreds of great ideas and bargains for the holidays – we have you covered for toy drives, volunteer gifts as well as outreach programs, shelter supplies and more! Take the stress out of planning your holiday programs by getting ahead now!

Practical Holiday Gift Ideas

Winter Hats & Toques
As low as $2.75 each!
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Wholesale Gloves & Mittens
As low as 95¢ per pair!
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Wholesale Socks
As low as 50¢ per pair!
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Wholesale Personal Hygiene Products
As low as 15¢ each!
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Wholesale Scarves
As low as $3.00 each
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Wholesale Underwear & Long Johns
As low as 70¢ per pair!
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But that’s not all! This season, we’re helping you spread the joy not just among the ones you love, but the bigger community you’re part of, too. Because we’re also the #1, go-to for wholesale not-for-profit supplies in Canada, we’re here to support your charitable activities this season, so the holidays can truly be the best time of the year for countless Canadians in need of a reminder that this season’s warm cheer is theirs to share, too.

Here are just some of the items you can buy in bulk to donate to charities or social service agencies helping spread warmth and joy this season:

  • Wholesale socks – As low as $0.50 per pair!
  • Wholesale underwear – As low as $0.70 per pair!
  • Wholesale winter accessories – including scarves, gloves, toques, and more! – As low as $0.95 each!
  • Wholesale t-shirts – As low as $2.00 each!
  • Wholesale personal hygiene items – As low as $0.15 each!

This Holiday season, our goal as a shopping destination, and wholesale product and not-for-profit supplier is to help you find the perfect gifts not just for your loved ones, but also for those in need of support from the community – all at a bargain! Whether you’re looking for unique gifts to buy in bulk for many family and friends on a budget, or you’re aiming to make those in need of warmth, comfort, and joy feel that they, too, are loved – we’ve carefully crafted wholesale solutions for each of your shopping needs.

Holiday Gifts Under $5

Wholesale Flashlights
As low as $2.50 each
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Wholesale Toys & Games
As low as 50¢ each
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Wholesale Slippers
As low as $3.00 each!
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Holiday Gifts Under $10

Wholesale Wallets
As low as $5.0 each!
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Wholesale Pajamas & Sleepwear
As low as $5.00 each!
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Wholesale Throw Blankets
As low as $6.00 each!
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Why not add in toe warmers for as low as 50¢ each?

As Canada’s favorite discount wholesaler, we have everything you need to be delightfully warm, cozy, and in the spirit of giving this season. So go ahead, spread the joy: Check out this awesome blog post about 8 must-dos to make sure you buy the perfect appreciation gift.

Office Holiday Treats

  • Gifts for coworkers
  • Holiday tokens or packages for clients
  • Holiday party giveaways

Family and Friends

  • Stocking stuffers for kids
  • Items for memorable gift baskets
  • Personalized gifts for the ones you love

Warm and Cozy with Wholesale Winter Accessories

  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Toques
  • Warm socks
  • Jackets
  • And so much more!

We know that demand for certain items far exceeds the budget for many Not For Profits and Social Service agencies so the Full Circle Donation program was created by The Bargains Group to help them with free donations that they desperately need.

Get them customized at the home of the famous $2 T-Shirt!

In need of a bit more inspiration to amp up your gift-giving game?

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas from our curated selection of wholesale products:

  • Throw blankets
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers
  • Fun toys and games
  • Designer-inspired accessories
  • And a whole lot of other tokens, best enjoyed when shared!

Bargain Tip #1

Create a holiday kit! Choose a budget and the experts at Bargains Group will help you choose the perfect items that can be assembled into an awesome gift kit at wholesale prices!

Bargain Tip #2

Our famous “Pack & Hold” service allows you the flexibility to purchase now while budgeting for later. We will pack your order today and hold it for up to 6 months. We only invoice you when we ship the order.

Bargain Tip #3

Make a Winter Comfort Kit! Fill a cinch bag with a variety of basic items and donate them to a shelter who can distribute them to those in need. Click to learn more about how you or your organization can pack kits for a cause.

Bargain Tip #4

Stuff the hat! Fill a torque with basic essentials. Tie a ribbon or scarf around the hat for the final touch! Or use cinch/tote bags instead of wrapping paper for gifts! Saves time wrapping gifts, saves waste, and the bags can be reused.

Spread love and joy this holiday season with our curated selection of gifts for family, friends, and the entire office you can buy in bulk, as well as wholesale not-for-profit supplies to donate to your local community!

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