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Jody Steinhauer on Professionally Speaking TV.com

Professonally Speaking TV

A live one-hour weekly web TV show dedicated to showcasing the country’s thought-leaders – anyone who uses the spoken word to effect change. The show is hosted by acclaimed consultant, author, and speaker Randall Craig. The first half of each show is focused on the guest’s unique experience and background, and the second half of the show is focused on their message – and their impact.

Guests on the show range from political leaders, business leaders, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, media personalities, and sports and entertainment figures: people who have distinguished themselves in their careers, and have an important message for the audience.

Each show is broadcast live 10am ET Mondays on www.ThatChannel.com, and then re-broadcast several times each week in alternate time slots. In addition, an edited version of the show is posted online, and is available below.

Interested in appearing on the show? We would love to consider you, but bear in mind that there is a significant demand, yet only a set number of guest slots each year. If you are interested in getting on our roster, please send your one-sheet or brief bio to the host (Randall Craig), along with why you think that our audience would be interested in hearing your story and your message at this time.

Preparing for your appearance: While much information about you may be available on your website, if you have written a book or been the subject of a profile article, providing these to the host in advance of your appearance will make for a better interview. In addition, if you would like to have Randall probe into a particular area that isn’t readily apparent, please let him know in advance. Please show up to the studios at least 20 minutes before taping is scheduled to begin.

About the host: Randall Craig

Randall Craig has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was a senior executive at an American public company. He is currently the President of Pinetree Advisors, lectures at the Schulich School of Business, and writes a weekly column on the Monster career sites.

Randall is the author of six books, including Leaving the Mother Ship, the best-seller Personal Balance Sheet, the Online PR and Social Media series, and the just-released Social Media for Business. He is a frequent commentator on Social Media and business issues, and has been profiled in all national media.

Randall served as the 2010 Toronto President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He holds a CFA, MBA, CMC, and a Black Belt in karate. More info is available at www.ptadvisors.com and www.RandallCraig.com. He can be reached at 416-256-7773 or request (at) ptadvisors (dot) com. He can be followed on Twitter at @RandallCraig. Material for him can be sent to 602 Glengrove Ave, Toronto ON M6B 2H8.