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Statement Socks – How to Stay Trendy at a Bargain!

Chances are, you’re on social media and have noticed the prominent focus on socks! Whether it is a model wearing bright coloured socks with sandals on the runway, or a friend wearing funky patterned socks with his dress shoes at a benefit gala, it has definitely become a trend to show off your socks for added flair and personality with any outfit. Socks have truly changed the game, allowing traditional fashion faux-pas – such as wearing socks with sandals – to be accepted and encouraged.

Often an overlooked detail, socks have gone from being a bad Christmas present to a head-turner in the past couple of years. With both men and women looking to dress up with a pop of colour or to show off their personality, the demand for quality and fashionable socks have gone up. Since sales of socks have increased drastically in Canada in recent years, the prices of socks have gone up as well. The solution to staying in trend and saving money is easy – opt for wholesale socks.

Below are several different styles of socks that will guarantee to keep your feet warm and stylish. You can find these by browsing our wholesale socks selection where you will find multiple patterns and colours to choose from. So whether it’s for gifting to a whole lot of family and friends, or simply looking for unique, never-been-done giveaway items at your next event or sale, getting these trendy socks at a bargain make for a smart and stylish buy!

Crisp White/Black Socks

These are your typical go-to socks.  With no patterns or additional colours, these traditional styled socks match with pretty much anything. When worn with greyscale toned shoes or outfit pieces, the crisp block of white or black ties everything together. Wholesale socks are great for this purpose because we all know white socks get dirty easily – and with the great deals they come with, you can purchase in bulk so you always have a pair on hand to look clean and crisp. Remember, though, as a rule of thumb, white socks do not go with dress shoes or black shoes, but you can get away with pairing them with most other shoe styles and colours.

Bright Coloured Socks

Whether they are sharp colours like dark blue or light colours like baby pink, bright coloured socks go great with any outfit to help provide a pop of colour. These socks work best when they do not match the rest of your outfit because they already provide enough focus on their own, so style them with clothing articles that are greyscale or toned down of colour.

Having bright coloured socks show that you are confident, breaking the rules, and also show off your personality! Shopping wholesale deals will allow you to purchase different colours altogether, giving you an opportunity to try various types of looks at an affordable price.

Patterned Socks

Spots, stripes, chevron, or even your favourite sports’ team logo – on socks, this is where you can push the boundaries of your look. Think about what you want your socks to say about you. Something with many colours and spots can come off funky and energetic whereas a classic chevron shows off your sophistication and chic. Like with bright coloured socks, however, do not try to match patterned socks with your outfit as they will show off themselves. Just make sure these stylish additions are visible on your outfit so you can show off your personality and get the most out of your look.

Socks may provide comfort and warmth but they are also one of the top trends in 2018. Will you stay in style or trail behind? Contact our team in Canada for more information on the wholesale socks deals that we currently have!