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Tips To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Wholesale Products For Shelters This Holiday

With temperatures dropping well below zero, winter can be a dangerous season for those who live on the streets. Oftentimes, shelters are not fully equipped to meet the demands of the homeless population due to budgetary constraints. That’s why local shelters thrive on the spirit of volunteerism and goodwill; but, if like many busy Toronto residents, you’re finding it hard to squeeze in some time for volunteer work, don’t worry – there’s lots more you can do to help and spread holiday cheer this season!

For starters, you can buy winter accessories and other wholesale products for shelters at our Friends and Family Warehouse Sale, and pack these for donation. With prices up to 80% off, we can help you stretch your charitable budget even further so that you can donate more to your local shelter. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some great last minute holiday gifts at our sale!

At Bargains Group, we believe that “giving back makes good business sense”; that’s why we encourage everyone to participate in outreach efforts this holiday season. In the spirit of giving, we’re sharing some useful tips to help both individuals and social workers visiting our sale get the most out of it.

Purchase The Essentials

While most of us have warm, cozy houses and beds to return to at the end of each day, many who are less fortunate do not share these same luxuries. In fact, much of the homeless population in Canada will struggle to find access to heat and water this time of the year, let alone winter accessories and other hygiene essentials. That’s why we encourage shoppers to buy and donate everyday essentials we often take for granted; this includes socks, underwear, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, and deodorant.

When at the sale, consider purchasing wholesale winter accessories such as gloves/mittens, scarves, toques and socks for the homeless. The harsh temperatures of Canadian winters make these essentials a must-have for those who live on the streets.

With products discounted up to 80% off, your budget (no matter how big or small) will surely go a long way. From t-shirts to socks, winter wear and so much more, The Bargains Group Outlet Store has everything you need to help you shop for your favourite charities including Shoebox projects, Adopt-a-Family drives, Christmas Hampers, Mitten Trees, Toy Mountain, Out of the Cold, and more.

Take Advantage Of The Full Circle Donation Program

We understand that a lot of charities and not-for-profit organizations wait to do the majority of their shopping at our warehouse sales. That’s why we’re offering those who buy in bulk a case of free donations. Our goal is to provide not-for-profit and social service sectors with more product donations, allowing them to stretch their limited budgets as far as possible so that they have more resources for services and staff, not “stuff.” Previous cases of donations have included personal hygiene items, clothing, bedding & linens, food & more.

Can’t make it to our sale? Don’t fret!

Those from not-for-profit and social service sectors who place wholesale orders will also receive a complimentary box of donations as part of our Full Circle Donation Program to ensure that shelters have everything they need this chilly winter. Additionally, we also offer a unique service, “Pack & Hold”, designed with social service budgets in mind to allow shelters to plan ahead with flexibility. Our famous Pack & Hold service allows shelters to place their orders today and put it on hold for up to 6 months. We only send the invoice when it’s time to ship the order.

At Bargains Group, our goal is to help everyone stretch their budgets further – whether it be your personal holiday or shelter budget. Offering the best bargains and the most affordable deals possible, all our products are sold at wholesale prices to help you save, but without missing out on the joys of the season.

Don’t wait up! Get all the essentials for your annual donation to a local shelter this holiday season at our Friends and Family Warehouse Sale running until December 23rd!