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Brother Tom Liss – Good Shepherd Centre

“Good Shepherd Centre provides meals and shelter services to the poor and marginalized people in the East end of Toronto. One of our busiest programs is our clothing room for men. While many generous donors provide a steady inflow of new and used clothing for men, two basic items are difficult to come by in the quantities that we need them. The first is underwear for men. Would you really want some-one’s hand-me-down underwear? As a result, we place large orders for men’s underwear a couple of times per year.  The other item is gloves. In winter, everybody needs gloves at the first sign of frost. Bargains Group is able to provide these items at a cost even Good Shepherd can afford.At Good Shepherd we get down to the bottom of supporting the dignity of the people who come to us in a very practical way. How much personal dignity can you feel without the basics of clean underwear?Thank God for Bargains Group and our many donors!”