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Michael Gleadall – The Salvation Army Hamilton Booth Centre

Since I arrived here in 2010 we have used the Bargains group to provide us with the hygiene supplies we give the men who come to stay in our emergency shelter. We have found that the products are reasonably priced and the delivery is quick and efficient making this the ideal situation for meeting the needs of over 100 men who stay at The Salvation Army Hamilton Booth Centre. We also have been blessed to be part of both the Project Winter and Project Water initiatives. Our involvement has led to us having sleeping bags and supplies to give to homeless people and precariously housed individuals both on the streets of Hamilton through our Soup Truck Ministry and for clients in need within the shelter. These supplies have been especially important during heat and Cold Alerts.

One of the reasons we can do what we do for people in need in Hamilton is a direct result of your efforts. Keep up the good work and your efforts to find new and varied ways to help community agencies in turn help people in need.