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Unique Promotional Products to Make Your Brand Stand Out!

While pens and water bottles are the tried and true route of brand marketing, there are some great wholesale promotional products that aren’t nearly as popular. Handing out any of these 6 unique products will make sure you stand out for your customers, who will be reminded of you every time they use your promotional product. All of these products are available in Canada from the Bargains Group, and are all extremely affordable. Contact us today and we can give you more suggestions based on your budget.

Promotional Products that Stand Out

1. Smart Wallets! – Too many wallets just don’t have enough slots for all the cards you want to juggle, and before you know it you’ve already run out of space to put them. Smart wallets are a great way to solve that problem, giving room for a few additional cards, some cash, and advertising your brand all at the same time! People have their phones out constantly, so the branding on the wallet will be visible not just to them, but to everyone around them.

2. Earbuds! – A pair of earbuds is something useful in a variety of situations. Whether someone’s just lost their last pair, or simply forgot them at home, there is always a need for more earbuds, and who better to help them out than you? Getting the branding on the earbuds is tough, but you also could stylize them in your company’s branded colors (A company with a lot of red in the logo could give out red earphones). Have the earbuds come in a branded case and every time they reach for them, they’ll be reminded of you.

3. Notebook! – Companies give out pens so often, yet they seem to forget that pens need something to write on. Give out a notebook to complement the oversaturation of promotional pens. Some people just prefer to write stuff down by hand as opposed to typing it into their small phone screens, so this will work wonders for them! Plus, having your brand on the cover will be sure to remind them of you every time they write their grocery list.

4. Power banks! – On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who use their phones or laptops for just about everything! For them, running out of battery is their worst nightmare. Help put them at ease with a custom-branded power bank. These will charge their phones on the go, making you a lifesaver for their phones.

5. Flashlights! – Sometimes it’s just too dark to see in front of you, and there may not be any way to turn the lights on, especially if you’re outside. Keychain flashlights are a great way to bring the light to your potential customers. No carrying around a huge awkward flashlight, just clip it to your belt and don’t worry about it until you need it! This promotional product will be sure to brighten their day… or night!

6. Car chargers! – Keeping an iPod or a smartphone in the car is super convenient, but eventually they’ll need to be brought inside to be charged. Giving someone a car charger will make their lives much more convenient, allowing them to simply plug it in whenever they need to, without leaving their car. Every time they charge their device, they’ll see your brand on the charger, helping promote you no matter where they go.
There are lots of promotional products available to use. You don’t need to always hand out pens or water bottles to get your brand out there. Giving out something more unique will make you much more memorable in the eyes of your prospective customers, and when they need something, they’ll be sure to think of you before your competition. Good luck!

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