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Five Ideas on How to Make this Summer Impactful

Summer is undoubtedly the best time of the year! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything seems just that much better. It’s a time for the beach, camp, lazy days and get-togethers, but what many don’t realize is that summer can one of the worst times of year for those in need. Statistically, more people die every year from dehydration in the heat than of cold exposure in the winter. The research indicates that in the summertime, as the temperature rises so does the number of people sleeping in the streets. Landlords are less likely to kick families out in the winter because of the frigid cold temperatures. Surprisingly winter is often a more stable time for struggling families. It’s hard to believe that the time of year we so look forward to (they’ve written songs about!) can be lethal to the most vulnerable people in our community. At Kits for a Cause, we realize how important it is to support those in need and are always looking for ways to make a bigger impact!

Guess what?

You can make a difference this summer and turn any summertime event into an opportunity to make a difference. We’ve made it easy for you to volunteer, have a blast and get a tan (tans aren’t cool, wear sunscreen!) while supporting a charity close to your heart! Don’t know where to start? No problem, here are 5 easy ways of how to turn your summer into one that drives impact:

1. Giving Back Summer BBQ

Planning to have the neighbours over for dinner next week? Great! Why not pack a few Kits after dessert? Remember how great it feels to sip an ice-cold drink by the pool? Pass that feeling along to someone who really needs it by packing a Summer Survival Kit for a local shelter with your friends. These kits provide a water bottle and other summer essentials. Packing kits is a great way to reconnect with your friends while making a difference. It’s also SUPER FUN and SUPER EASY!

2. End of School Year Party

Dreading having to make cupcakes or bring in popsicles to your kids class party? Not to fear we have something better than grocery store cupcakes that won’t require a June trip to the dentist. Work with your child’s class to create a Kits packing event on the last day of school. It will create lasting memories for them and teach them about what it means to give back. Remember we do all the work for you, supplies will be delivered right to the door. We have so many deserving youth charities that can’t wait to meet you and receive the Kits.

3. Summer Birthday Bash

Planning a summer birthday extravaganza? Ask your friends and family, to donate towards building Kits instead of getting you a random assortment of perfume you never wanted or gift cards to places you don’t shop. Not only will you have an awesome birthday because you deserve it! On top of it all, your guests will have an awesome time socializing and making an impact.

4. Are You A Grade 11 and Desperate For Volunteer Hours?

We’ve all been there… the summer of grade 11 and all of a sudden you realize you haven’t completed your volunteer hours and have no idea where to start. We’ll take the stress away by helping you plan a kit packing event! The planning and the event itself all counts as a volunteer activity and you can check your 40 hours off in no time. With the great support of the Kits Team you can’t go wrong and even better you can do it at home with a bunch of friends. #winning

5. Community Block Party

Be it called the corn roast, funfair, carnival, or summer bash, most of us at some point have experienced the infamous neighbourhood block party (if you haven’t, I’m sure your invite got lost in the mail…) It involves lots of kids, an inevitable bouncy castle and at best mediocre hot dogs. What a better way to amp an afternoon that’s so predictable than with a Kits packing event! As people are walking by looking for the cotton candy, see if they would like to help a family or individual in need and pack Kits. Turn a meh block party into an event that is an impactful, hands-on and exciting event.

There you have it, five great ways to make your summer one that has a lasting impact. SO get going and plan an event, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We wouldn’t a division of The Bargains Group, without a bargain, so here’s a free joke:

What do you call a dog on the beach in the summer? A hot dog!