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Getting Your Homeless Shelter Programs Ready For Christmas in July – In Canada

We’ve all experienced the stress that comes with last-minute preparations around Christmas time, so why not prepare for your supplies for your homeless shelter programs now – in July! Here are 3 awesome tips so that you can get ahead, stay on budget, and take away the stress that comes with last minute preparations and purchasing of bulk supplies for your shelter program in Canada.

Plan What You Need:
Take inventory of what you have – this will allow you to decide what you still need. Then ask yourself – what are the most important items you still need? What supplies ran out last year? How much more will I need this year?

Make a list of:

  • what you need,
  • how much you need of each and then,
  • prioritize each item based on how important they are.

Once you have this list, it is now time to find the right place to purchase it from.

Find a Wholesale Supplier:
Shelter programs, particularly those who facilitate them, are often taxed with having to find somewhere to buy bulk supplies for their programs. Often they will go to dollar or discount stores and pay low retail prices for their shelter supplies. However, finding a good wholesale supplier for things like cheap bulk socks, bulk t-shirts, or even bulk winter accessories can allow you to stretch your budget much further when purchasing wholesale products for shelters in Canada. Finding the right supplier can take the stress right out of this process by saving you time, money, and the headaches often associated with purchasing bulk supplies for your shelter program.

Bargains Group Can Help:

Bargains Group is a one stop shop for all your shelter program supply needs. Not only are they a leader in the Canadian wholesale and promotional products industry, they also specialize in wholesale not for profit supplies! They carry everything from cheap socks for shelters to wholesale t-shirts as low as $2!

Now that I’ve given you the recipe for getting ahead for your winter homeless shelter programs, there’s only one thing left to do – start getting ready! Give us a call at 1-877-868-5655 to learn more.