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Project Water Rolls out water bottles to Toronto’s Homeless

Toronto area agencies that deal with the homeless and at risk people got a hand up today as Project Water launched their 12th summer campaign.

As the summer sun beats down on those living on the streets of Toronto dehydration and sunstroke are very real concerns. The best preventive way to cope with the issue is simple: Water.

Nestle water bottles by the thousands were handed out to local agencies today as part of Project Water. The company donated almost 242,000 bottle to the project. Local volunteers raced throughout the afternoon to load truck after truck at The Bargains Group Parking Lot for groups like Scott Mission and Salvation Army who will provide the water to those in need on the street.

Water bottles rolled out in Toronto today as Project Water launched their 12th Summer Campaign

KJ Mullins

Water bottles rolled out in Toronto today as Project Water launched their 12th Summer Campaign Project Water Founder, Jody Steinhauer said that they were very excited today to give out the water to the agencies involved. The project keeps people from dying on the streets of Toronto during the summer Steinhauser said. She thanks all the sponsors like Nestle and Home Depot who make her dream a reality each year.

“We are not a third world country. No one should be dying from dehydration in a city like Toronto.”

Project Water is planning on going across the nation. Steinhauer founded Project Water in 2000 to address the serious health concern of dehydration on the streets of Toronto.

Lorne Simon, Crime Stoppers, said that those who were volunteering can go inside to get a glass of water but see what is happening on the street.

“Please give where you live.”

Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police social media officer, was at the scene to cover the event for social media.
“I see people all the time on the street who are in need of assistance. It doesn’t matter where you are, Toronto, small town Ontario or New York there are homeless everywhere,” Mills said adding about today’s event, ” It’s an exciting down here in Toronto.”

Constable Mike Matic from 13 Division with the Toronto Police said that Project Water has helped the community for years. His Division helped with the traffic and trucks coming in and out from 890 Caledonia Road today, all with a smile on their faces.

Brittany and Phil from Z103.5 were at the scene today providing music to keep the volunteers moving. Brittany said this is an annual thing for Z103. Phil said that it is a great cause.

The Salvation Army said to contact their group if you see a need on the street. Their street mission work will go directly to that need and provide help.

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