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Voices from the Street: Jody’s Passion

Voices from the Street: Jody’s Passion

(This is the eighth in an ongoing series about the lives of those who live in Toronto. The people in the series are real but in some cases their names have been changed to protect their privacy. The series will include people from all walks of life, those who are living the dream and those who are struggling just to survive.)

KJ Mullins-Toronto: On one of the hottest days of the year Jody Steinhauer was moving with lightning speed. One of her baby’s, Project Water, was being launched for the year and she was needed in 1,000 different places. As she ran from one location to the next she appeared to be completely poised. She was. Jody is a take charge type of lady.

Jody Steinhauer is a business woman. Since 1988 she has run The Bargain’s Group, a discount promotional products supplier. Her company was giving back to the community before it was the cool thing to do. Every year she is helps the homeless and those in need using her business skills and the donations of others to turn a buck into four. Through the years she has founded Project Water and Project Winter Survival. She is also behind numerous other projects that are going on throughout Canada.

Jody is able to make a huge impact by using a three tier donation model. During a phone interview she explained the way it works;

1) you take a company that has high end products at wholesale prices

2) you have a group that needs donations

3) you have donors that have funds who want their donations to make the biggest impact it can

When you merge the three together you achieve Jody’s dream into a reality. That reality has benefited homeless in Toronto for 13 years. Every winter she is able to provide the products that pack 1000′s of winter survival kits at a fourth of the cost. Those kits save lives, lessening the chance that exposure will be an issue.

There are plans in the works to impact more lives with her donation philosophy for her latest project, Give Back Where You Live. That project will be getting more media attention as it grows into a nation wide platform for helping local groups achieve goals for those in need in their communities.

When you take away the business suit Jody is down to earth. She may be the most powerful woman in the room but she’s also one of the most approachable. When you talk to her it’s not hard to imagine that you can achieve miracles. If she’s working with you those miracles do happen.

It’s not surprising that Jody is married to a man who shares her commitment to the community. Her husband is the Toronto President of Toronto Crime Stoppers, Lorne Simon. Together they are a powerful force. They walk the walk, both working on ways to help their community while achieving business success.

There are many Jody’s living in the Toronto area whose stories could inspire others. Jody is just one of them. She has a name, she is a person and she is one of us. Jody is Toronto.